About Kira

The art of Bellydance has been passed from mother to daughter and woman to woman for a thousand generations, and is a wonderful activity for developing fitness, grace, sense of timing and self-esteem.

Kira is a professional performing artist and event sponsor, focusing on Middle Eastern (belly) dance. She has been studying, teaching, performing and sponsoring this beautiful art form since 1998 and continues to find it an endless source of creativity, inspiration and physical fitness. She has spent thousands of hours studying and performing her art, learning from some of the world’s greatest dancers and performers from Cairo to Sydney, Florida to Los Angeles, New York to London and almost everywhere in between.

Founder of Kira's Oasis Studio, one of the largest dance studios devoted to belly dance in the country, Kira performs, teaches classes and workshops, and sponsors and produces a wide variety of dance related events. In large part because of her efforts, her local Dayton community provides one of the most supportive dance environments in the country. It is her hope she plays a role in connecting diverse cultures while elevating the understanding and appreciation of this art form.

Kira dancing

Hire Kira

Do you wish to hire Kira to add Belly Dance performance entertainment and/or instruction to your event? Kira offers private classes, small group and "refinement" sessions, and personalized workshops tailored to your group's interests and needs.

Call: (937) 620-1678
Email: kira@kirasoasis.com