Kira is a performer, an instructor, and a sponsor and organizer of dance-centric events.

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Kira's Kreepy Karnival Halloween Hafla

Saturday, October 13, 2018
Doors open at 5pm, show starts at 7pm. Come join us for some flea meaket shopping, a chance to talk, hang out and of course to DANCE!

About Kira

Kira is a professional performing artist and event sponsor, focusing on Middle Eastern (belly) dance. She has been studying, teaching, performing and sponsoring this beautiful art form since 1998 and continues to find it an endless source of creativity, inspiration and physical fitness.

What is bellydance?

The art of Bellydance has been passed from mother to daughter and woman to woman for a thousand generations, and is a wonderful activity for developing fitness, grace, sense of timing and self-esteem.