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Summer “Glow” Hafla


A Super-Summer party BellyDance Style Hafla – Open Dancing, Performance Line up, “GLOW-LED Light” Party! Black Light Paint, LED props, etc !! Get creative with this !! Whoohoooo!!!  

AND, Kira turns 54 at Midnight when it is officially the 18th!


Date: Saturday, June 17, 2017 
Time:  6:00pm  Doors OPEN

Time:  7:00pm  SHOW TIME!
Cost:  $5.00 per person   CASH ONLY at the door.

Where:  8100 Clyo Road, Centerville, OH  45458  In the Auditorium under the Chapel on the St. Leonard’s Franciscan Center property.
**The Auditorium is under the Chapel right near the Bell Tower on the St. Leonard’s property – #3 on their map found at this link:   Use the Centerville Station Road entrance off Clyo and go straight through the stop sign toward the Franciscan Center/Station House Restaurant bldg on the right and park around to the left of it. You can’t miss the Bell Tower. The Auditorium is in the building right at the bottom of the Bell Tower.


Performing for us

Zattana al-Naseem
Izanami’s Behind the Curtain dancers
Bronwen and troupe
Cairo Mystique
Erica Weibe
Katy Moeggenberg and Anaya Bellydance
Najla & Troupe
Zahara’s Tangled Web
Enchanted Lotus
Shimmy Cats
Jiffy: – MAYBE
Renee Pontsler:
Enchanted Lotus Belly Dance:
Amanda: AKA Unicorn
Troupe Zephyr:
Morgan Leigh & Her Hoop:


Eunice with her paparazzi accessories
13029673_963877083728369_1402569386388251494_o 11401077_797419947040751_1483783424380851115_n    Costumes by Melissa




Views of the stage in the Chaminade Hall Auditorium

STAUDstage&dancefloor SLAUDviewfromstage

SLAUDSideView SLAUDstagefromback

Information on accessing the venue:

At St. Leonard Franciscan Living Community, in the Chaminade Hall Auditorium under the Chapel.  It is #3 on this property map.  The BEST way to find the Auditorium quickly is to come onto the St. Leo’s property from Centerville Station Rd  and then turning onto Provincial Drive as you can see the Bell Tower VERY easily from there.  Head for it by following Provincial Drive and the big purple signs that list the Auditorium with arrows.  Stay on Provincial Drive until you pass the Fransican Center/Station House Restaurant building on your right and pull in the large parking lot JUST past the center and park where you can see the Bell Tower.

Chapel Bells Spire     1                                         20160921_193751     2

Picture 1 is of the Bell Tower and the building pictured to the left of it is the Chapel and the BIG purple signs that are on the St. Leonards property that guide your around.  You will park in the vicinity of the Bell Tower, and follow the sidewalk that runs along the base of the tower toward a set of stairs at the base of the Chapel that take you down to the back entrance of the Auditorium.

Pic 2 is of the Bell Tower and the Franciscan Center/Station House Restaurant building in a view from Provincial Drive which is off of Centerville Station Road.  You will follow Provincial around and pass the Franciscan Center, turn right into the LARGE parking lot right next to it and you will have the view of pic 1.

Chamanade Hall Entrance    3

Pic 3 is of Chaminade Hall and is the entrance to use if you need to avoid stairs.  There is some limited parking at this entrance.  When you enter through this overhang, Follow wall placards in the hallways to lead you to the “Auditorium” .  You will turn onto Provincial Drive off of Centerville Station and follow Provincial till it turns into St. Francise Drive and ends at the Chaminade Hall entrance pictured here.  Park here and bring your things in through this door if you need to avoid stairs.


Published:February 12, 2017


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