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Luau Hafla July 9, 2016

This is our Summer Birthday Belly Dance Hafla and we are throwing a Luau!  This event will celebrate not just Kira’s birthday but EVERYONE’s birthday!  Beach/Luau attire welcome – not required.  Tahitian, Hula, etc… performances welcome – again, not required. A GREAT variety of Belly Dance styles for fun a shenanigans, as usual!

When: Saturday, July 9, 2016
Time: 6:00 – 11:00 pm.  Doors open at 6pm, and the show starts promptly at 7pm.
Cost: $5.00 per person.  Cash only at the door.  BYOB !!
Where: The Auditorium under the Chapel right near the Bell Tower on the St. Leonard’s property. Use the Centerville Station Road entrance off Clyo and go straight through the stop sign toward the Franciscan Center/Station House Restaurant bldg on the right and park around to the left of it. You can’t miss the Bell Tower. The Auditorium is in the building right at the bottom of the Bell Tower.

Anyone who is interested in vending or performing should contact Kira.

Special Guests:

  • Students of the Pacific Island Getaway workshop will be performing a hula that they learn earlier in the day
  • Jack Burton Overdrive, a band from Cincinnati, will be playing a live set with Katy and Anaya Belly Dance.
  • Xitlali Solo: and her class will also be performing.

HAFLA Performances



Eunice w/Paparazzi Accessories

Sarah Minor

Henna by Zattana


In Addition:
Before the hafla there will be a Pacific Island Getaway workshop with Katy Moeggenberg to learn both Hula and Tahitian. She will teach a brief choreography as well that anyone in the workshop can dance in the show with her!

Details about the workshop can also be found here:

Workshop is from 12:00 Noon – 3:00 pm and is $30 per person in the Auditorium under the Chapel on the St. Leonards property.  (in the same room where Hafla is held)

If you would like to use a Credit Card, Pre-Register using

OR Cash at the door .  Thank you and see you there !!!!!  🙂


Group Shot of everyone who dressed in Luau “theme” back in 2011 when we had our last Luau Hafla back in the Oasis Studio.



Kira & Maria’s Daughter, Evangeline being “Look-Alike’s” at the last Luau in 2011

Views of the stage in the Chaminade Hall Auditorium

STAUDstage&dancefloor SLAUDviewfromstage SLAUDSideView SLAUDstagefromback

Information on accessing the venue:

At St. Leonard Franciscan Living Community, in the Chaminade Hall Auditorium under the Chapel.  Where is it?  It is #3 on this property map.  The BEST way to find the Auditorium quickly is to come onto the St. Leo’s property from Clyo Rd as you can see the Bell Tower VERY easily from there.  Head for it!

Chapel Bells Spire

This is a picture of the Bell Tower entrance is where you will park and come down the side walk that runs along the Bell Tower to enter the Auditorium directly.  There is a small stairway at the end of the side walk that goes down into the Auditorium.  We will have signs in the grass near this entrance so you can locate it !!

Chamanade Hall Entrance 

Use this entrance to avoid stairs.  There is some limited parking at this entrance and it winds through the buildings.  Follow hanging signs in the hallways to lead you to the “Auditorium” if you need to use this entrance.

To get to the Franciscan Center for the dance class:

From Centerville Station Road:
Turn onto Provincial Way.  Go through Stop Sign and the building is straight ahead on the right.  It is also the building that has the Station House Restaurant in it so you can follow the St. Leonard’s signs that lead to the Franciscan Center or the Station House Restaurant – same building.  Park in front lot, in front of main entrance.

Where is it?


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